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Foreign language collections

- The Hague Public Library is internationally oriented and offers materials in many languages.

The Hague Public Library offers novels, informative books, newspapers and magazines, as well as movies and e-books, in many languages. Its collections range from library materials in English, German and French to Arabic and Chinese.

The collections
The library’s collections include a large number of English novels, and informative books. The latter complement the Dutch collections specifically with regard to topics on which only a limited number of Dutch titles have been published. The library also houses collections in other languages, especially novels and informative books. In the survey below you will find what foreign language collections THPL offers.

Books, novels, poetry, informative books, newspapers, magazines and music CDs from the Arab world.

Books for children and adults, novels, informative books, newspapers.

Collections of novels, poetry, plays, biographies of German artists and informative books on various subjects pertaining to German culture & politics, as well as on the country and its regions.

Books for children and adults. Novel collections including works by famous British and American authors and novels by renowned Dutch novelists translated into English. Informative books on subjects such as countries, travelling, computers, history, politics, literature, art and music. Extensive collections of poems, plays, and artist biographies.

Farsi (Persian) 
Books for children and adults, novels, poetry and magazines. A number of informative books on language as well as political, religious and social issues.

Novel collection with works by well known French writers and translations of international bestsellers and Dutch authors. Poems and plays, biographies of French artists and informative books about French culture and politics as well as national and regional information.



A small permanent collection and an annually updated selection of novels of well known Russian and international writers, newspapers and magazines.


Books for children and adults, novels, poetry, newspapers, magazines and music CDs containing Turkish music. A number of informative books on language and culture as well as on political, religious and social issues.


Where to find books in a foreign language?
Not every district and neighbourhood library offers materials in the languages mentioned. In the library catalogue you will find in what language a book is written. Novels are shelved alphabetically according to language and author’s surname. Newspapers and magazines are available at the reading tables. Foreign newspapers can also be consulted through the online PressReader service.

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