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Anyone wishing to update his knowledge is welcome at The Hague Public Library, for instance to keep abreast of the latest Internet developments or learn more about digital media. To participate you can register at the Media Lab. Also for those who wish to improve their Dutch language skills the library offers all kinds of learning aids and tools.

Media Lab & ‘media literacy’
At the Media Lab you will learn the ins and outs of the Internet and modern media. Participants learn how to use the latest applications. Digital photography and video will be dealt with, as well as gaming. Here library users can attend Internet lessons, learn about Internet banking and social media during specific workshops or produce a short video on their local community. The Media Lab endeavours to make its participants, as it were, ‘media literate’.

The library offers a number of basic courses, also suitable for people who wish to improve their skills or keep abreast of the latest developments. In addition there are workshops dealing with specific subjects like File Management, Internet Safety and Communicating via the Internet.

Language and reading for everybody
People encountering reading or writing difficulties are welcome at The Hague Public Library. All library locations offer books and audio visual materials to learn Dutch or to improve language skills. For students at adult education institutions separate meetings are organized.

Learning Dutch online
Library users can learn Dutch electronically via various websites and programmes accessible through the E-Library. Some of these programmes are offered free of charge. Learners of Dutch can watch them on one of the computer screens in the local libraries. Those who have reached the point that they wish to try reading a book, simply search for titles carrying the ‘easy-to-read’ label. These volumes have been written especially for people still experiencing some reading problems.

THPL services to schools
The Hague Public Library maintains intensive contacts in the field of education. In order to make pupils of primary and secondary schools find their way in the library and assist them in searching information, they will be offered special lessons and coaching as part of their school curriculum. A limited number of libraries offers children homework help and access to computers.

Pupils that are educationally disadvantaged have special attention. In line with the Municipal Educational Deprivation Policy (Dutch: Gemeentelijk Onderwijs Achterstandenbeleid or GOA) the library offers projects in the field of language development to schools for primary and secondary education.

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