Can I borrow from other Dutch libraries?

Yes, you can. Your library membership means you can also borrow books as a ‘guest user’ in other municipalities. If you want to borrow something which is not available in The Hague library then you can request the item from a library which does have it.

Guest User
Do you have a library membership for a library in a different municipality than The Hague? And do you want to borrow from The Hague Library from time to time? Your library membership means you can borrow items in other municipalities as a ‘guest user’. Similarly, if you are a member of our library you can also borrow items from elsewhere, provided you have a Youth, Basic, Star or Friends membership. This is not possible with a Small membership.

More about guest lending (Dutch)

Requesting a title from another library
Are you looking for a particular title which is not part of the collection of The Hague Public Library? You can request the item and simply collect it when it arrives in your own library. You can request titles: