The Hague Library events and activities cancelled

From Thursday 15 October all activities and events organised by The Hague Library for more than four visitors will be cancelled. The reading and study corners in all the branches will also be closed, with the exception of the Central Library where there will be just a few study corners available. These places however must be booked in advance.

You are still welcome to visit all our branches during the opening hours currently in force to borrow and return books and other library materials. We will try to enable a few small-scale activities involving fewer than 4 participants to go ahead. The seating in all branches of The Hague Library may no longer be used.

The cafes in the Central Library and Escamp Library will also close for the time being. Take away will still be available at the Central Library.

Studying in the Central Library

From Thursday 15 October only a small number of study areas will be available. These will be divided between the second and the fifth floors. Use of a study corner must be booked in advance. At present however this cannot be done online. Students should therefore go to the study corner table on the ground floor next to the lift to get a booking slip. This will give you the right to use a study corner with no time limit. The booking slip must be handed in again when you leave.

The Hague Library hopes to be able to make online booking available within the next few days so that students can reserve a study corner from home (depending on availability). The number of study corners has now been reduced to such an extent that we strongly urge students only to use them if this is absolutely necessary or because there is nowhere else to study.

Other seating

The number of PC workstations and the seating in the youth section of the Central Library has also been greatly reduced. These spaces can be booked at the desks on the second and third floors. There are only 8 seats in total available for the Taalhuis (language centre, on the second floor) and the Music floor (fourth floor).


For the time being the new measures will apply for a period of four weeks (until 15 November) and are due to the stricter measures that have now been introduced nationwide by the government to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

All previous measures remain in force so that everyone can continue to use the library as safely as possible. Please bear in mind the following:

- You are strongly urged to wear a face mask in the library.
- Only a small number of people may be in the library at the same time. Staff will monitor this.
- Please clean your hands as you enter the library using the disinfectant gel provided for that purpose.
- Remember to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres (5 ft.) from other visitors and our staff.
- Remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow and use disposable paper tissues, as recommended by the RIVM.
- Please do not visit the library if you have any symptoms which could possibly indicate that you may be infected with the coronavirus, such as a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms.