The Hague library for Conservatoire students and staff

The library of the Royal Conservatoire is part of the Muziekverdieping of The Hague Library. When you study or work at The Royal Conservatoire (KC), you can get a free library subscription.

The library card entitles you to borrow from:

- The collection of the The Royal Consevatoire (KC)
- The collection ot The Hague Library (Bibliotheek Den Haag)
- The collection of The Netherlands Music Insitute (NMI)

Getting a library card
You can get a library card at customers service of The Hague Library

- Bring proof of a registration at KC for the current academic year
- Bring proof identity (e.g. drivers licence, passport of IC card)

Renewal of your library card

The library subscription is valid for one academic year. It runs from September to September. You will be notified by e-mail when you are due for a renewal of your subscription.

Lending conditions

- 12 items at the time
- Lending period for sheet music is 6 weeks
- Lending period for other materials is 3 weeks