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'Het Taalhuis'

Do you want to speak better Dutch? Learn to read and write better? At Taalhuis Den Haag we would be pleased to help you. We can give you advice on books and language courses. And we can provide exercises for on the computer. Drop in at the Centrale Bibliotheek (Central Library). Or go to the ‘DigitaalPunt’ (computer corner) in a library near you. You would be most welcome!

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Practicing Dutch at home

Perhaps you would prefer to practice your Dutch at home. We have reading books in the library. Books with a good story but which are not too difficult for learners. You can also practice your Dutch on the computer.
Check the following websites. 

Practicing Dutch in the library

Practicing Dutch

Practicing together to speak better Dutch. This is available in all libraries. Or in a community centre or school in the neighbourhood. ‘Taal in de bibliotheek’ takes place every week. Come along to meet other people like you. And practice using the language. Good luck!

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Books for learning Dutch